24. Climb Coit Tower

December 2012
San Francisco, California


I like to climb things. Take a look at my list and you’ll see that there’s a lot of climbing involved. Part of it is the physical challenge. The other (more important) part is the view from the top is often worth all the effort getting there, and then some.

at top

Coit Tower was not so much a physical challenge as one in patience, we ended up waiting in line with all the other tourists for the semi-shakey elevator ride to the top because the stairs were closed the day we went. But the view was worth the wait – and for the first time ever, the California weather cooperated! Without further ado, San Francisco from above:










5b. Graduate University… Again

Masters of Arts
University of Guelph
October 2012

Four years ago I graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts. In September, after countless drafts, 4 years, 3 committees, 2 advisors and a one year leave of absence – I finally defended my Masters thesis. And in October I got to walk across the stage for a second time, this time an MA graduate.

I think, last time, I said it was something along the lines of being anti-climatic… Besides wearing more reasonable shoes (here’s looking at you wedges – stillettos at convocation were so undergrad), this time was no different.  Once again, I don’t remember walking across the stage, although I do know there were less stairs this time around

I would never have made it to this day without the support of my friends and family – The ones who were there on the big day:

  My amazing mentors and friends,

the best advisor a student could ever ask for,

and my friends

And those of you who wanted to be there but couldn’t… Well, this one’s for you:

I did it :)

And I love you all

23. Go to a Broadway show in NYC

August 2012
New York, New York

I think this is a must do on a lot of people’s bucket lists, I mean… It’s Broadway!

One of my summer bucket list items was to go to NYC. Actually, it was to road trip to NYC, but that would have cost about the same as flying and we would have lost 2 days of our weekend in travel. So, when my friend Alex and I went to NYC this past August, we flew :).  And it really was the best decision. So obviously, while in NYC, you have to go to at least one show. We had a list of a couple we knew we’d like to see and decided to leave it up to fate and get our tickets last minute at the TKTS booth in Times Square. And it actually worked out really well, we got really great seats for EVITA super cheap!

We were on the big screen in Times Square while waiting in line for our tickets!

EVITA was awesome! It was playing at the Marquis theatre, which was huge. And it was so great! The costumes and the songs and everything was just amazing!

Did I mention that  Ricky Martin was in it?? 

Yup. He was pretty awesome too!

We were THIS close to him

Next time I go back to NYC I’ll definitely see another show, and more than likely get my ticket through the TKTS booth again. Our tickets cost about $80 each, which is still a lot, but our exact seats at the same time the next weekend (without Ricky Martin performing because he was going on vacation) cost a whopping $288 each! So, while it may not necessarily always be super inexpensive tickets, it’s definitely cheaper than buying them through ticketmaster.

Every time I go to a show, I remember how much I enjoy theatre and wish I went more often. Toronto’s theatre scene is great: there are tons of great musicals and plays and shows happening all the time, but I never go! I’m definitely planning to make more of an effort to go, especially since there are always seat sales and deals :)


22. Visit the Pike Place Market

December 2011
Seattle, Washington

The Pike Place Market is one of the biggest markets in North America – and it’s a Seattle landmark. So when I went to visit my mom there for Christmas and found out she only lived about a 5 minute walk from the market, obviously I was going to spend some serious time there!

Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad, obviously super cloudy (don’t make me rant about never seeing any mountains… Again), but it didn’t rain a ton, so that worked in my favour – although a good chunk of the market is indoors, so either way I still would have been there a lot. It was actually the closest shopping area to my mom’s apartment, last minute Christmas dinner cupcake dessert run anyone?

Honestly, it’s a small market in comparison to the ones I went to in Thailand – if I hadn’t been to Thai markets, it may have a bigger impression on me, but it was still pretty fun! TONS of vendors for crafts, jewelry, clothing, farmers produce and fresh fish! Yes, I even saw the guys throwing the fish around as people bought it – they sing too! Of course, no market would be complete without yummy food vendors: Chocolate and cheese makers, bakeries and cupcakeries, Greek and Chinese take out and of course, tons of coffee! I can’t talk about going to Seattle without mentioning that it is the home of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. I’m kind of a fan of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best does make the best hot chocolate ever.  A super deadly combo!

So of course, no visit to the Pike Place Market is complete without checking the ‘original’ Starbucks. I put it in quotes because (heads up, a little history lesson!) the location of the original Starbucks you can go to today isn’t actually the location of the first Starbucks store, they moved it to Pike Place 5 years after opening the first store in 1971.

It was just like every other Starbucks I’ve ever been to, except of course for all the merchandise, and the ridiculously long lines! We beat the rush and luckily didn’t have a line at all, so for my first visit to the Pike Place Market, I had a latte from the original Starbucks while I wandered. But the other times I went to the market, the lines were unbelievable – imagine a regular Starbucks during a rush and add about 60-75 more people and that should give you an idea of the craziness.

Me and my latte

I actually enjoyed Seattle, what I saw of it was really nice! Although, like Vancouver, I don’t think I could live there year ’round because of the gloom factor. I would miss the sun too much! But I do always enjoy going to markets and wandering, so I definitely went to the market at least 3 times (in 5 days) while I was in Seattle.  I always like to see what people are making (some people are just so creative!) and support local vendors – and of course the people watching at a busy market is always good too, especially from a comfy chair in funky Seattle coffee house :)

Oh hello there!

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted anything – I’m obviously not a die hard blogger, but I already knew that. It’s been kind a of crazy year and an even crazier summer.  I am working on updating my bucket list because even in all the craziness, I’ve managed to cross a few more things off of my list (and added a couple!).

Some updates on life, a few of these will be elaborated on because they are from my list, and others won’t be:

I made new friends

I no longer live with my neurotic cat – after a  wonderful 12 years, I had to say goodbye to Kitty in June. It’s still weird not having him around and I still catch myself walking around my apartment as if he’s underfoot, or carefully rolling over in bed so I don’t squish him. Not sure if that will ever really go away, old habits I guess

I joined the rest of the world and got an iPhone. Yup. My old LG finally died and I was forced to join the smartphone club. I will admit, it does have a pretty decent camera

I visited my grandparents in Winnipeg.

I created a summer bucket list and accomplished all but one thing on it. Blue Jays games. NYC. Camping. Concert/Show. Beat my time climbing the CN Tower. The one I didn’t accomplish: Sing Karaoke alone. I’ll do it. One day. I promise.

I FINALLY finished my thesis.

I actually considered getting contacts – but let’s be real, thats never going to happen.

So my apologies for neglecting you, blog. I know it will happen again, but I’ll try my best to not only blog more often, but to actually make a point of going out and doing things on my list so that I have something real to talk about.

21. Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge

December 2011
Vancouver, British Columbia

This was a cool, albeit touristy, afternoon. This year I spent Christmas with my mom in Seattle and we decided to road trip it up to Vancouver for a couple of days. This day was literally the only time I saw the sun the whole time I was on the west coast. How dreary! I don’t think I could live there, not in the winter at least. Much too cloudy and grey for me

Anyway, while we were in Vancouver (my first time there too!) I had to make my mom take me to Capilano. I’m not really sure why this is on my list to be honest, I think I saw a picture once and thought – I want to see that! Anyways, it was pretty cool. Suspension bridges are super weird – aka freaky – to walk across! I always knew they would be wobbly and move when you’re on it, but to actually walk across one, especially one that long, was a little scary. Only the first time though, then I was totally that person who was bouncing across, not holding onto the handles and freaking out other people. I didn’t jump though, didn’t want to be THAT person (small children and teenage boys – I’m looking at you)

20. Go to a Full Moon Party

May 2011
Koh Phangan, Thailand

There I am! :)

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been waiting to get photos from Sarah for this post and there have been some technical difficulties (Canada Post strikes, DVD burning problems etc) – we only brought one camera to the full moon party after reading about thefts. And I couldn’t talk about it without the photos to show how crazy it was!

So, even though we went in the low season and there were apparently only 8000 people instead of the usual 30 000 people,  it  was still pretty crazy, I can’t even imagine how wild it would be in the high season – Haad Rin must be absolutely packed with people!

Overall, we had a blast at the FMP – it was really just a big dance party on the beach! You can’t really not have fun dancing all night!

We got there at about 1130pm and the party was in full swing! After perusing the many different bucket booths:

Bucket: A sand pail, a couple of straws, a bottle of thai whiskey, a can of pop & redbull (A killer combo – the results of which you will soon see)

Sarah and I decided to go the more legit, smart and most likely safer route of a couple bottles of Chang beer from the 7/11.  At 32 Baht each, they were a steal: cheaper than buckets and water, and more important, they were COLD which was a definite selling point.

Also – Check out the moon! So bright!

Once we were there, we decided we might as well join in on all the fun – so we bought some paint and painted ourselves up:

Of course, we had to represent Canada:

Because we’re from Canada eh?
*Note: Charlotte & Emily: Not from Canada but are from England, so it’s all good

And off we went to join in with the crowds on the beach, where everyone was having a great time:

Well, to be fair, these people probably weren’t having the best night:

But everyone else! I mean, there’s the fire jump rope, ALWAYS a good idea:

We ran into some other Canadians – alas, no one from Ontario though, where were you guys!?

It was definitely a different experience! Even though it really wasn’t my ‘scene’, I’m so happy I went because:
1. it was a once in a lifetime opportunity
2. if I ever go back to Thailand, I won’t be going back to Koh Phangan
3. it was tons of fun! :D

Cross that one off of the list! I wonder what will be next?


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